Rhodium Real Estate About turn key homes in The Hague


Rhodium Real Estate About turn key homes in The Hague

Turnkey homes in The Hague

Are you looking for a ready-made house in The Hague and surroundings? During your search for a home in The Hague, you will soon come across the term ‘turnkey’. But what does the term turnkey entail? Turnkey residences are fully renovated homes that are neatly finished and immediately accessible. Properties in The Hague, with their rich histories, lend themselves perfectly to turnkey projects through which they are transformed into luxurious, comfortable homes.

Ready-made, turnkey homes are very popular, especially with buyers who do not have time to occupy themselves with renovating their home. Buying a turnkey home is, because of the comforts that the home brings with it, very popular. Rhodium Real Estate specializes in renovating old buildings in The Hague and delivers the building completely ready-made.

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Rhodium Real Estate: high-level passion, high-level service

As an experienced project developer we, Rhodium Real Estate, transform historic city buildings of The Hague into beautiful homes. All of our locations are equipped with comforts that provide contemporary luxury and living convenience, without losing sight of the authentic character of a building.

With our passion for architecture, admiration for historic city buildings and love for stylish living, we have become experts in delivering turnkey properties in The Hague. By choosing innovative, quality materials and providing high-quality finishes, we create sustainable homes that can be enjoyed for years.

Thanks to our many years of experience with the renovation of unique buildings in The Hague from the 19th and 20th century, we have become experts at bringing turnkey projects to a successful close. We would like to take you on a tour through The Hague, and show you some of our renovated buildings. This way you can personally experience the perfect balance between the authentic character and the contemporary luxury of our buildings. Together we can find the perfect turnkey home for you.

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